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Ben Affleck Has Successfully Convinced Warner Bros To Delay 'The Batman'

He did it, guys.

He actually did it.

Ben Affleck stood up to The Man, and he won.

This is the kind of story they write inspirational Oscar-bait movies about.

Ben Affleck has actually convinced Warner Bros to delay filming on The Batman in order to give him more time to perfect pre-production.

Well, okay—let’s be fair here. Talk of a delay to The Batman really is only a rumor at the moment. With all the misinformation and guesswork that surrounds this movie (and that’s just the official comments from Warner Bros) it’s difficult to pin down what’s actually going on.

From the sounds of things according to an inside source from Batman on Film, though, after months of in-fighting, Warner Bros has finally agreed to Ben Affleck’s demands for more time to finish up the script for The Batman before starting the cameras rolling.

This delay of “a couple of months” will likely be enough to push the release of The Batman back to 2019, which can only be a good thing if it means not rushing the movie’s development.

According to Ben Affleck, though, the script is finally coming together (presumably it’s easier to complete a project like this when Warner Bros isn’t trying to rush it out the door), and things look good.

We probably haven’t heard the last of the studio's struggles over this movie, though. Ben Affleck could still step down as director if he doesn’t like the way DC is treating his project, and there’s every chance that—if he throws his weight around too much—Warner Bros will humor him just long enough to get principle photography in the can, before locking him out of the editing suite.

There’s also rumors floating around that Justice League is in serious trouble, which is why Warner Bros has agreed to delay The Batman. While there’s not much foundation for these claims, and while the delay to The Batman seems to be coming from Ben Affleck rather than being in relation to anything Zack Snyder is up to, let’s face it: there’s only a very slim chance at present that Justice League won’t turn out to be little more than a hastily polished turd.

(In the above metaphor, “polish” represents the smattering of jokes that Snyder has been obliged to cram into his tonally flawed masterpiece.)

Warner Bros doesn’t care if Justice League sucks, though. There’s very little chance that they’d delay a movie simply because it’s a shambolic mess—releasing broken movies and then slightly fixing things with an Extended Cut has become the studio’s primary business strategy.

If they’re delaying The Batman, though, it’s clear that if there’s one thing DC is unwilling to lose out on, it’s the street cred that comes from a movie directed by Ben Affleck.

Wow, that was a weird sentence. Who could ever have thought, back in 2008, that Ben Affleck would one day become the only hope that comic book fans have for a halfway decent Batman movie?

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Matthew Loffhagen

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