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Add Dwayne Johnson to the List of People Proclaiming a More Fun DCEU is On the Way


Was it very chill? Was it totally relaxed and chill and a totally free and open exchange of ideas? I feel you bro.

Anyways, Dwayne @therock Johnson is going to play Black Adam at some point in time somewhere down the road and he wants everyone to know that DC totally understands that the fans want a lighter tone to these movies. Guys, these movies are gonna start being a lot more fun, take it from @therock. Yeah, yeah, hope and optimism, but FUN! FUCKING FUN! 

I get it, guys. You want to be excited about DC Films. Of course you do, I do too. I want to be excited by film versions of some of my favorite comic book characters, I really do, but everything I've seen up until now has just gotten me down. Tone is a big part of where the films have failed up until now, and DC seems to have gotten the memo that these movies need to be more "fun," but that only leads to one thing...

Poochie Syndrome

Hell, just make Poochie a part of the Justice League. Who fucking cares anymore? Up is down, left is right, Trump is President, folks. Fucking chaos reigns. Start a change dot org petition to make Poochie part of the Justice League because fuck it. 

Fucking fuck it all to fucking hell. How did we get here? Oh, that's right. Fun. We got here because we were having fun. Wasn't that fun? 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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