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A 'Stranger Things' 'Star Wars' Mash Up, And Other Great Fan-Art

Fan art can be pretty awesome, when done right.

We're not talking about people who halfheartedly doodle a stick figure of Captain America with a lightsaber (although that awesome too, come to think of it).

Some artists really go all out in order to bring joyous, beautiful tribute artwork right to the eyeballs of eager fans.

Take, for example, Michael Maher Jr's take on the discussion surrounding Millie Bobbi Brown playing a young Princess Leia:

Yes, that is the entire Stranger Things cast reimagined as Star Wars heroes, and yes, it is absolutely perfect. It's just utterly golden. Dustin as Chewbacca is particularly spot on.

But wait, there's more! With rumors buzzing around that Pierce Brosnan might be playing Cable in Deadpool 2, here's artist BossLogic's idea of what that might look like:

The flayed flesh surrounding Brosnan's metal arm is a little over the top, but otherwise, the picture does a great job of visualizing what James Bond might look like in the role.

One would hope that in the movie Brosnan (if he really does perform the role) will wear a slightly more furrowed brow. It's no fun having Cable if Deadpool can't constantly annoy and frustrate him to the point of homicidal rage.

Then there's BossLogic's take on Peter Dinklage as M.O.D.O.K.:

Just so we're clear, that fan casting isn't based on his height. We want to see Dinklage's dry sarcastic wit used to make a ridiculous Marvel villain a little less silly and laughable.

Oh, and here's BossLogic's idea of Patrick Wilson as Orm, the Ocean Master:

Finally, in reference to the cyclical nature of fandom, let's return to Star Wars, for three posters that almost make Episodes I-III look like they're worth watching.

These movies are a great example of beautiful visual treats that lack storytelling—but at least they're pretty, right? Just don't rewatch them—the special effects have aged predictably poorly.

Fan-art is a wondrous thing. While some media companies like to slam down hard on anyone who plays with their brands, fans who choose to express themselves through artwork are often capable of producing content of all forms that are just as relevant - if not more so - than officially licensed merchandise.

After all, the only real difference between a Disney Star Wars poster and a fan piece depicting the same thing, is a silly legal right. Both are works by fans of an existing property which are shared among fellow fans - it's just that only one of them can be legally bought and sold. This kind of corporate fan-art serves companies, but isn't necessarily any more culturally impactful.

After all, thanks to those very same legal barriers, official Star Wars artwork can't feature Lucas from Stranger Things as the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian.

Check and mate, Disney marketing department.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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