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Watch The Origin Of Skull Kid In This Gorgeous Majora's Mask Fan Film

Majora's Mask is one of the most immersive Zelda games out there. So where did the enigmatic antagonist Skull Kid come from? This fan made short proposes a very dark answer to the question. Be sure to watch with the sound on, because half of the charm of this stunning animated short is the music.  


More fan films should be like this, and less like bad porn parodies. Not that I don't LIKE porn parodies. They have their time and place—namely in a room full of your closest friends, while you're all drunk and doing snarky running commentary. Seriously, try it on a Friday night sometime. But warn your friends you're going to be watching porn—I forgot to mention it last time and the vibe got WEIRD. Like, I think my friends thought we were going to have an orgy or something. One of my friends took off their pants and I panicked and ended up hiding in the bathroom until everyone went home. I just wanted a fun, wholesome time making Batman blowjob jokes, y'all. Speaking of, I wonder if there's Zelda porn?

UPDATE: Just googled. There IS Zelda porn. So much animated Zelda porn. Oh dear god. I don't recommend you google that, unless you want to end up on a Federal watch list. Why can't people who draw porn just draw straight up sex? Why does it always have to involve comedically overblown body parts? And all the fluids. So much fluid. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU INTERNET???

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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