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Richard E Grant’s Role in ‘Logan’ Finally Confirmed

Logan’s going to be an interesting movie, based on what we’ve got to go on so far.

It’s going to be gritty. It’s going to be dark. It’s going to be dusty.

And, uh, that’s about all we know for certain.


Fox seems inexplicably hesitant to release any concrete information on this movie, which, thanks to a primarily black and white promotional campaign, looks and feels increasingly like an antidote to 2016’s Apocalypse.

Take, for example, the first image we have of Richard E Grant’s villainous character in the movie. Is he going to don heavy prosthetics to become the Apocalypse-created Mr Sinister?

Nope. He’s just some guy with a grumpy face.


It’s funny how these things go in cycles, and how Marvel always seems to be ahead of the curve (or is simply too easy to imitate).

After all, Marvel got panned for featuring a largely over-the-top villain in Ultron, long before Doomsday or Apocalypse made it to screens.

Then, Marvel beat everyone else to the punch by featuring a very boring ordinary Zemo in Civil War, which seems to have inspired Richard E Grant’s character, Dr Zander Rice, in Logan.

So what’s next? Doctor Strange featured a mo-capped Benedict Cumberbatch as the villainous Dormammu, so we can all look forward to seeing an abstract otherworldly threat in Justice League.

In the meantime, it’s probably not fair to say that Fox isn’t giving anything away about Logan.

As it happens, they’ve given some eager fans a look at the first forty minutes of the movie, at a fan event in New York.

The response is exactly what you’d expect if you packed an audience of Wolverine fans into a theater and gave them a first look at movie that they’re desperate to see.



Wow, who’d have thought a bunch of superfans would give such positive reviews?

Of course, we got similar responses from fans who saw Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad early.

It turns out that if you show someone a movie early, for free, and you screen your audience to make sure they’re already fond of the characters in your movie, you can get them to say whatever you want.

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Matthew Loffhagen

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