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Patrick Wilson To Play Ocean Master In 'Aquaman'

Has the DCEU found its Loki?

Let’s hope not. It’s bad enough that DC’s comic book movies are already circling the bottom of the drain from a critical standpoint, without them actively aping yet more elements from the MCU.

In anticipation of the upcoming Aquaman movie, which is inexplicably one of the more exciting prospects on DC’s release calendar thanks in large part to the inclusion of Jason Momoa, we’ve finally been given news one of the movie’s key antagonists: Aquaman’s half-brother, Orm Marius, the Ocean Master.

As is to be expected of a movie about Aquaman, Ocean Master is a big evil fishy guy with a scary face and a trident. If you were expecting someone cool and scary for Aquaman’s rival, akin to Lex Luthor or the Joker, clearly you haven’t been reading any comics recently.

Behind the evil fishy mask will be none other than Patrick Wilson, who, thanks to Hollywood’s unique breed of nepotism, is already very well acquainted with the Zack Snyder wheelhouse.

Wilson played Nite Owl in Watchmen, so hopefully it won’t be too hard for him to go from playing a discount Batman to a role as a disposable villain, while Ben Affleck prances about in something that looks suspiciously like his own old suit.

Moviemaking is weird, but you can’t blame Snyder for sticking to doing what he loves.

Whatever that might be.

Regardless, this isn’t actually going to be a Zack Snyder movie. Aquaman will be directed by James Wan, who has the unfortunate task of trying to make underwater fighting look natural, believable, and cool.

Have you ever tried punching someone underwater? You look like a slow-motion marionette puppet.

Plus, it’s kind of dark under the sea.

Also, (and this is a big problem), neither Jason Momoa or Patrick Wilson are actually capable of breathing underwater, so any fight scenes between them are going to be a nightmare to film.

Good luck to you, James Wan—you’ve got a difficult task ahead of you.

Here’s one suggestion, though: why not go for ultra realism? Just lock Momoa and Wilson in an underwater tank, tell them you’ll only let one of them out when the other one is dead, and just let them fight it out for real.

Then, if things get boring, let a shark into the tank.

Best movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes, guaranteed.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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