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New International 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailer Shows Off The Shocker

Trailer companies hate movie fans.

It’s the only explanation as to why they’d release offerings like the new international TV spot for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Like most of these trailers, it’s mostly footage we’ve seen before, but to make sure that we all have to watch it whether we’ve seen all the other promotional clips or not, there’s a few seconds of unique footage sprinkled in, just to keep us on our toes.

At least this time it’s funny. The Spanish dub for this trailer sounds like it’s just one guy doing all the voices, and is struggling to keep them all separate.

But because we love you, we’ve torn apart all six new seconds of footage from the above trailer, so that you don’t have to spend half an hour trying to figure out what’s new, and what’s been seen before.

You’re welcome, internet.

So what new things do we learn?

Well, we get a good look at the Shocker—not that awful suit that got leaked back in the Summer, though. At some point in the movie, he’s just a guy in a hoodie.


We also see Liz Allen, Peter’s high school crush, dangling from a great height. Looks like she’s going to play the role that, in Raimi films, went exclusively to Kirsten Dunst, in that her job is just to look pretty and scream a lot.

At least this time there’s no chance of her somehow falling in love with Peter because he’s just so nerdy that she can’t resist him—at least, not unless the movie completely disregards the comic book source material where she ends up as the mother of Harry Osborn’s child instead.

We also get to see The Vulture with some kind of purple laser weapon, because this is a Marvel movie, so there has to be a laser weapon of some kind.

Looks like this weapon, whatever it is, blows up a boat. That’s neat. It’s like The Dark Knight, but with more follow-through.

It does raise one very important question, though: if the boat blows up in the middle of open water, how does Spider-Man get there?

Let’s face it, there’s only two options. It’s possible that he’s conveniently already on the Staten Island Ferry, as it’s packed full of high school students on a lame field trip. That does look pretty likely, considering that Liz Allen ends up falling down an elevator shaft.

Alternatively, he’ll catch a ride on one of the many passing helicopters that fill New York’s skies at all times, according to movies.

If that’s the case, we’ll probably see it in a future trailer, because there’s no way Marvel will want to keep that awesome image for the final film.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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