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New Images Suggest Logan is a Beautiful, Colorful Movie

Logan is not going to be entirely in black and white.

We knew this already, but if you’d somehow missed the trailer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this upcoming gritty movie might be going the noir route and appearing entirely in monochrome.

The majority of the promotional images we’ve seen for the film have been gloriously shadowy and dark, and color has been a rare commodity, but now we’ve been given a few glimpses at the kinds of hues and tones that we’ll be seeing in Logan, and it looks fantastic.

Also: it turns out that this time around, Logan is going to be purple.

No, it can’t just be a trick of the light. Logan is purple, right?

No? Well that’s a shame. But it’s a gorgeous image anyway, with Logan lit by neon lights, yet still dark against a dusky orange background. It’s clear that James Mangold is going for a very complex, vividly colored palette for his movie.

Here’s another promo image, a poster, which communicates the same thing, as we see Logan bathed in an orange glow.

Perhaps this is the real reason why most of the promotional images we’ve seen have been in black and white—the actual movie is going to be rich with color, to the extent that it’s a little surprising, and certainly a deviation from the standard Hollywood formula for gritty realism.

Most of the time, movies like Batman v Superman are color corrected to the point of almost being monochrome themselves, so a movie which makes such powerful use of color is really something special.

Here’s hoping that this is more than just a few pretty images, and that the finished Logan manages to buck the trend for grumpy black and white movies which use an absence of color as a lazy shorthand for dark emotions.

If the film ends up being as pretty as these shots imply, Logan might just end up being the beautifully shot, cinematic masterpiece of a comic book movie that audiences have been clamoring for ever since the first Sin City.

Because, let’s face it, Zack Snyder’s trick of just covering everything in grime and recreating comic book panels? That got old, fast.

It’d be nice to have a movie that’s both serious, and awash with color. It’d be a nice reminder that not all Hollywood movies need to look completely identical.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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