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Jai Courtney Wants 'Suicide Squad' Sequel Because None of His Other Movies Got Sequels

Notorious franchise killer Jai Courtney (above right left) finally got a taste of what it's like to be in a movie that people actually go see this summer when he appeared in Suicide Squad. Of course, that means that he wants the film to get what none of his other movies have gotten... a sequel. 

While speaking with We Got This Covered, Courtney indicated that he wasn't done with the character of Captain Boomerang just yet saying...

“Listen, they keep their cards very close to their chest. I actually have no idea, I pray the answer is yes. I certainly don’t feel like I’m done with that character. I had a lot of fun playing him, and I don’t feel like anyone is done with that franchise, certainly not yet. So, I hope so, sooner or later. The studio is very busy at the moment, director David Ayer is directing something else at the moment, but I’m sure they have plans, just none that they’ve shared with me.”

Look, Jai Courtney, they don't share those details with you because things never work out for the franchises you end up in... Terminator: Genisys and A Good Day to Die Hard were the lowest grossing entries in both franchises, not to mention the franchises that never were in which he appeared, like I, Frankenstein and Jack Reacher. Of course, he is in the Divergent movies, which would've been something to brag about before they announced that the fourth and final movie wouldn't even be released theatrically

Face it, Jai Courtney's happy to have Suicide Squad in his life, so he's gonna be willing to talk about it any chance he gets. 



Photo Credit: DC Comics

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