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‘Iron Fist’ Producer Scott Buck to Helm ‘Inhumans’ Series

Is anyone actually interested in an Inhumans television show?

Did anyone care about the original plans for a movie, for that matter?

It’s not that watching the adventures of a bunch of mutant wannabes who live on the moon isn’t appealing. It’s not that we don’t want to see such wondrous superpowers as a woman with magic hair, a guy with a really, really loud voice, and a big dog.

Those are great heroes, Stan Lee, well done.

It’s just that, well, there’s already a far better movie about a new race of humans who have vaguely defined powers. It’s called X-Men: Apocalypse.

And honestly? Judging from the source material alone, that movie is probably going to be better than the Inhumans television show.

Marvel clearly understands that the Inhumans are a hard sell. This is probably why they’ve assigned Scott Buck as the showrunner for the series.

You might not have heard of Scott Buck by name, but you’ll be familiar with his work. He acted as a producer on the popular Netflix show Iron Fist.


Except, of course, that this show isn’t out yet, so we have no way of knowing whether or not Scott Buck did a good job.

This we do know, though: that Marvel thinks he did a good job. You don’t let just anyone create a TV show about a woman with magic hair—you’ve got to get the best guy that your modest ABC budget can afford.

With one producer making the leap from Marvel’s Netflix shows to their ABC shows, does this mean that we’ll be seeing a greater level of crossover between these mostly separate wheelhouses?

Hopefully not. Nobody wants to see gritty detective Misty Knight face off against Black Bolt, or to see Colleen Wing get mauled by an enormous bulldog.


This whole Inhumans thing simply feels so illogical that it’s difficult to know what to expect. Somehow over the course of the previous year, ABC decided that its one Marvel show with likeable characters (Agent Carter) deserved to get canned, in favor of making a show about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s rip-off X-Men.

Here’s hoping that Scott Buck has something decent planned. Because while Marvel’s movie division can do no wrong in the eyes of most fans, their ABC partnerships have a patchy track record at best.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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