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‘Guardians 2’ Sountrack “More Diverse”, Says James Gunn

Are you having a rough day?

Want to watch something that will perk you up a bit?

Check out this short interview with James Gunn, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 director’s natural enthusiasm for his work cheer you up a bit.

Either that, or enjoy speculating about how much cocaine he did to psych himself up for this press junket.



James Gunn is always eager and forthcoming about elements of his filmmaking process, even if he’s not always thrilled about giving away plot points.

Nonetheless, he does both in the interview, dropping little hints about what we’ll be seeing in Guardians 2 when it arrives in theaters next year.

For one thing, the movie’s soundtrack is going to feature quite a few obscure songs that, in classic hipster fashion, you probably haven’t heard yet:

“I think it’s a more diverse soundtrack. I think the first soundtrack [had] a bunch of songs that maybe you heard but didn’t know the name of the song - you didn’t know the name of the singer. In this one, we have some really incredibly famous songs and then some songs that people have never heard. So, it’s a much more diverse soundtrack.”

Well, that certainly sounds fun. There wasn’t really any weak links in the soundtrack for the first movie, so getting a bit of variety and shining a light on some less well known songs will probably go great.

There is a question as to whether this new soundtrack is a reaction to Suicide Squad’s overuse of popular songs, or if Marvel felt more confident shelling out for expensive tracks considering the popularity of the first movie’s soundtrack to this day, but that discussion doesn’t need to happen here. We’re all already pretty convinced of it.

Instead, we get a few different snippets of information about the movie. James Gunn insists that, taking place a mere two months after the first movie, this new film won’t have the traditional ties to the Marvel universe.

Apparently, if you make a movie as universally beloved as Guardians of the Galaxy, you’re allowed to tell Marvel where to shove it when they come asking for you to tease Thor: Ragnarok in your follow-up.

Either that or Marvel actually learned a lesson from Age of Ultron.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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