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Fan Speculation Might Ruin The ‘Guardians 2’ Teaser, Says James Gunn

Poor James Gunn.

Making a teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 seems to be a pretty tough job.

Whatever direction the footage goes in, the entire thing will be picked apart by self-important argumentative fans (like you and me) who will speculate endlessly on every single image that’s on display, until all of the movie’s secrets are laid bare months before the film actually makes it to theaters.

This, Gunn says, is counter-productive to actually enjoying the movie:

“With Guardians, people really go through every single little shot and try to figure out what the movie's about. And there's a lot of mysteries in Guardians 2.”

This must be particularly frustrating to Gunn, as he’s well aware of the fact that a full trailer for Guardians 2 isn’t actually necessary. Marvel could paint their logo on a cow and push it in front of a train, and the resulting mess would still be enough to get people to line up in the millions to see the second chapter of the quirky 80s nostalgia sci-fi franchise.

This is probably why we’ve got the "sneak peek" teaser that we’ve already received, which deliberately obscures pretty much anything of note through off-focus camerawork and out-of-frame characters.



“Let’s see those nerds figure out what’s going on from this trailer”, James Gunn thought to himself, only to see fans (like you and me) tear apart the entire thing to learn juicy tidbits about the upcoming film.

But in the era of internet news, Marvel needs to release something, if only to keep from generating Spider-Man: Homecoming style press leaks as fans react to a dearth of new information by just stealing stuff from off of sets.

This is why we’re been given a look at Brahl, a fairly minor Marvel comics character who’ll be appearing in the movie. The hope is that we’ll be distracted by his ugly face for long enough that we won’t start wondering what the plot of the movie is.


With the level of fan interest reaching fever pitch by this point, a full teaser is definitely going to drop soon. Marvel doesn’t want a riot on their hands.

But be wary of taking anything in it at face value. If James Gunn is being forced to reveal bits of his movie, but wants to keep the film’s twists and turns a secret, he’ll use every trick in the book to obscure things.

We’ll get cleverly cut scenes that make us misinterpret what’s going on. We’ll get snippets that aren’t actually going to appear in the movie, and the focus will be on character moments that happen early in the film.

The problem with this strategy though, is that it’ll just make us speculate all the more.

Sorry, James Gunn. We feel for the difficulty of your job in putting together a teaser for this movie, but we’re going to tear it apart no matter how careful you are with its assembly.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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