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Charles Roven Explains ‘Justice League’s “Lighter” Tone

If you ask anybody involved with Batman v Superman what went wrong, you get the same answer.

Nothing went wrong. That movie was a huge hit. Everything’s fine.

A huge hit. Stop asking questions. Get off my property.

Producer Charles Roven is no different. Despite effectively being kicked off a bunch of DC movies after BvS, he insists that everything that went down with the movie was according to a grand plan that makes complete sense when you understand Warner Bros’ long term goals for the franchise.

How exactly this will be achieved remains to be seen, but then, we’re unable to see the benefit to making a critically reviled movie that should have cleared a billion dollars worldwide but fell far short of such a goal.

Clearly this is our own failure. DC is fine, you guys. A huge hit.

And why exactly did Roven get downgraded from his more prominent role in the DCEU following the critical slaughter that BvS endured? Again, it wasn’t a symbol of anything going wrong, it was just because the commute was too much hassle:

“As difficult as it was for me to commute from Toronto to London to Italy, it became really clear I couldn't do the job that I do as a producer [with Aquaman likely to shoot in Australia]. I'm for sure producing the sequels of the movies that I have made.”

Yes, Charles Roven claims that the reason he was quietly removed from power in the DCEU is because the flight to Australia was too much hassle for him.

“I’m not fired, you’re fired! Besides, the commute’s too much hassle!”

You’re not fooling anyone, Roven.

So now that ding, dong, Roven’s been kicked off Aquaman and The Flash, what does the future hold for DC movies, and Justice League in particular? Will the film continue to awful, depressing story told in Batman v Superman?

Of course not. Nobody liked that. The series is going to have a complete tonal facelift instead.

This too was apparently part of the plan from the beginning:

“We knew we were making a very serious, compelling, driving film with Batman v. Superman. Now the bell has been rung and the whole tone of the movie is lighter.”

Apparently DC isn’t interested in having a movie franchise with a consistent oeuvre. It was the plan all along to do a kind of reverse-Tolkien, in which the first few stories are gritty and grimdark to the point of being difficult to watch, but the later stories will be inexplicably light and fluffy.

That was the plan all along. BvS was a huge hit. No more questions!

Warner Bros should just stop all DC staff from giving interviews.

At this point it’s getting embarrassing.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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