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Billy Dee Williams Is Finally Going to Play Two-Face


Look, Warner Bros, you can’t just tease Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face in 1989 and completely ignore it for three decades. Not without making some Batfans more than a little impatient.

Now, though, we’re finally getting the only thing we’ve wanted all along—Billy Dee’s smooth as silk voice underneath an insane Batman villain with an obsession for flipping coins.

Seriously, guys, this is what’s been missing from the Batman franchise since its inception. Lando Calrissian as Two-Face. This makes up for everything that’s wrong with Batman v Superman.

So when is Billy Dee reprising his role as Harvey Dent? Will we have to wait until Ben Affleck’s The Batman, or will he get a cameo in Justice League first?

Oh? What’s that?

He’s only appearing in The LEGO Batman Movie?

…Okay, that probably makes a lot more sense. It’s a bit disappointing that Billy Dee won’t be helping to fuel the fan theory that Batman v Superman is set in the same canon as Tim Burton’s Batman movies, but never mind.


Lego’s cool too.

As time goes by and more and more is revealed about The Lego Batman Movie, the animated comedy feels increasingly like a far more fan-friendly Batman universe than anything going on in Zack Snyder’s dystopian movie series.

Where Snyder seems to be actively trying to upset fans by turning Batman into a merciless killer, all promotional materials for The Lego Batman Movie suggests that the film will be packed with inside jokes and references that will appeal specifically to the Batman über-nerds.

All of this leads to one very simple question: why can’t more movies be like LEGO Batman?!

Is it so hard to create an accessible, enjoyable film about a man dressed in a spandex costume that’s digestible for newcomers, but also made with long time fans in mind?

Considering that Marvel’s pulling it off pretty well, it’s not impossible. It’s just weird that the only film Warner Bros seems to be capable of producing where casting franchise alumni is one about a popular toy brand.


Geoff Johns take note: we love stuff like this. Maybe while Billy Dee’s in the sound studio, get him to record some dialogue for Justice League as well? Even if he’s only overheard in a news interview as Harvey Dent, it would give fans something to enjoy that we’d be exceptionally grateful.

Jared Harris, the son of original Dumbledore Richard Harris, recently said that fan petitions are a death-knell for good ideas in Hollywood, because studios actively choose to go the opposite way whenever fans express an opinion.

This is a really weird way to conduct things.

Hopefully Billy Dee’s casting will be one of many on-point choices for The LEGO Batman Movie, and Warner Bros will finally realize that movies do better at the box office when you don’t deliberately alienate your core audience.

There’s still a chance, however slim, that we’ll get to see Lando Two-Face in live action. That alone is enough good news to keep us alive until the end of 2016.


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