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"Alfred is Just the Batman" Says Presumably Confused Jeremy Irons

“Alfred is just the batman”, says Jeremy Irons.

Wait, WHAT?!

That’s a direct quote from an interview with IGN, and one that might make you think that Justice League is going to be even more disrespectful to comic canon than you might think.

Is Zack Snyder about to give Bruce Wayne’s manservant a turn in the famous cape and cowl?



Well, okay, we can’t really begrudge Jeremy Irons from using British military lingo in an interview. But still, Irons, choose your words more carefully! You could have given us a heart attack!

Here’s the full quote:

“I'm not sure in Justice League we'll see that much of [Alfred] because we have five superheroes to deal with and Alfred is just the batman of one of them. It'll be very interesting to see where he gets to, when we get to Ben's production of Batman this spring. I haven't read the script of it yet.”

Yeah, no kidding you haven’t read the script for The Batman. Ben Affleck hasn’t written it yet.

And oh boy, things do not look good for that movie, if they’re already gearing up for production.

Warner Bros’ aggressive filming schedule and Affleck’s insistence that his pre-production process can’t be rushed means that someone’s got to back down, or it’s going to be an absolute disaster.

But while Jeremy Irons’ Alfred is a batman, not a Batman, he’s certainly going to be a lot more hands-on in upcoming roles. Irons has explained that his character will be involved in some action set pieces in Justice League, despite his limited screen time, and that, as far as he’s aware, we’ll be getting even more of that in The Batman when it’s released.

At least, that’s what Irons expects. He’s not sure what to make of Affleck’s solo movie just yet, and he’s holding out judgement until there’s something concrete planned for the film.

“I'm interested and I'd hold judgement until I read the script. We will see. Ben's a great consummate director and I'll be fascinated to see what he comes up with.”

Irons is diplomatic to say the least here, but it’s almost palpable how apprehensive he is about the project.

He knows that Ben Affleck can produce good work under the right circumstances, but, just like the rest of us, he’s more than a little worried about the current state of affairs.

Here’s hoping that the script for The Batman is ready in time for its aggressive production schedule, so that we don’t end up with another Suicide Squad filled with reshoots, story changes, and huge plot holes that can only be explained by a three hour version of the movie that’s still a bit awful.

It almost seems as if the real money for DC is in selling Extended Cuts by this point.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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