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Warner Bros Has Plenty More DC Content In the Pipeline, Says CEO

The kids today sure do love those DC movies.

If anyone who has seen Batman v Superman has but one request, it’s probably for lots and lots more movies that are exactly like that, please.

This is the opinion of Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who’s been making a habit lately of getting up in front of a microphone and waxing lyrical about how great everything’s going with the DCEU, in the vague hope that eventually people will start believing him.

Now, the CEO of Warner Bros has pointed to the success of his company’s movies, and to the growing importance of “big franchises”, as an indicator that the time is right to dramatically increase the amount of DC content that’s being pushed through the pipeline.

Not only will there be plenty of new DC content for everyone who wants it, but Tsujihara has indicated that much of this will be delivered in a direct to-consumer model that will cater exclusively to the franchise’s “rabid” fans.


Nobody likes being told how to do their job, but Kevin? It might not be the best practice to cater to anybody that you describe as behaving as if they’ve contracted rabies.

It’s also probably not best practice to describe your fans as suffering from a degenerative mental disease that leads to aggressive behavior, but in this case, we can see how the metaphor is more than apt.

The “rabid” DC fanbase probably ought to shoulder the blame for a lot of the bad decisions that Warner Bros have made lately with their cinematic superhero universe.

After all, when a tiny minority of fans are shouting and raging about the narrative triumph of Batman v Superman, it’s easier to believe these vocal lunatics than it is to accept everyone else’s verdict that the movie kind of really stinks.

Tsuijihara has also comforted himself and those around him by emphasizing the fact that critic reviews are of secondary importance to box office returns. Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman both made decent money, so the franchise must be a success, whether people actually enjoyed the movies or not.


This is a dangerous stance to take, especially when considering the fact that, as Tsuijihara has pointed out in his recent remarks, the fact that the top ten movies each year enjoy 30% of all box office takings.

There’s an argument to be made for the notion that BvS and SS both made as much money as they did because 2015 was a bit of a lame year for movie releases.

Next year, Marvel has three movies coming out, and that’s certainly going to eat into the profits of Wonder Woman and Justice League unless these movies are actually any good.

But perhaps, if the problem is that Warner Bros are trying too hard to cater for their “rabid” fans, and are ignoring the wider audience who just want a good movie, creating content specifically for their core, vocal fanbase isn’t the best idea.

Be prepared for Warner Bros to lose a lot of money on its direct-to-consumer model.

Especially because their big strategy for delivering on this has been to simply buy Machinima and hope for the best.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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