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Michael Keaton Confirmed as The Vulture in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Well, there’s been a lot of speculation, but it’s finally official: Michael Keaton is Batman.

Oh, wait, we already knew that. No, the real news: Michael Keaton has been officially announced as Birdman.

No, again, that’s not breaking news, everyone was already well aware of that. But it has finally been confirmed by Kevin Feige that Michael Keaton is The Vulture.

Except, that’s hardly surprising. If you’re going to cast an old guy as a villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and then announce that the movie’s villain will be The Vulture, don’t expect people to have a hard time putting together the pieces.


So here we are, with hopefully one of the final pieces of casting news for a movie which, over the summer, seemed to have a steady, unending stream of lackluster announcements regarding character confirmations.

Even when racists weren’t bickering on the internet about Zendaya’s suitability for the role of Mary Jane, we had to deal with discovering the movie’s inclusion of Tony Stark, Happy Hogan, The Tinkerer, and The Shocker. All of these stories broke slowly and independently, leading many of us to start (perish the thought!) getting bored of Spider-Man: Homecoming News.

Of course, there’s still at least one more reveal for Marvel to make – they’ve not yet confirmed whether or not Zendaya is Mary Jane, so we all have that to look forward to.

In the meantime, we’ve also been given a sneak peek at what Keaton’s Adrian Toomes will be wearing for at least part of the movie. It’s a somewhat (ahem) interesting choice.


Apparently, Spider-Man: Homecoming is planning to rock the hobo chic look for its villains. This Vulture costume doesn’t look entirely unlike the leaked photos of The Shocker we saw a few months back, which looked equally if not more ridiculous.

It seems that, at some point in the movie, The Vulture will get a costume upgrade to make himself look less like he should be begging for loose change. Marvel has not yet seen fit to comment on whether or not this is part of a sneaky plan to produce twice as many action figures.

In the meantime, there’s nothing to do but sit back and wait for any more casting news Marvel might have actually managed to keep a secret.

There’s only one potential casting decision that matters – come on, Marvel, give your fans what they need.

Bruce Campbell as Mysterio.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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