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James Remar To Join the Cast of 'Gotham'

Nobody in Gotham is particularly likeable.

That’s kind of the whole point of the show. You can’t make a series that tells the origin story of dozens of supervillains and manage to give it a particularly endearing cast.

Heck, even Jim Gordon’s a moody grump most of the time. It’s easy to see why Batman grows up to be so humorless.

Now, the show is doubling down on its gimmick of featuring hugely unlikeable characters in the limelight. Fans of the show, get ready to slog through hours of new material featuring not just the regular collection of detestable murderers, but also scenes featuring Dexter’s dad, James Remar.

Remar isn’t playing himself, it’s important to point out, although that would probably work fine if the show was looking for someone for audiences to boo. Instead, he’ll be playing Jim Gordon’s uncle, who’s back in Gotham after over two decades with what Entertainment Weekly describes as “a dark secret that will force Jim to choose between saving his family and saving Gotham.


It doesn’t take the World’s Greatest Detective to figure out that the Gotham showrunners are introducing this character because they’ve painted themselves into a corner from a human interest perspective.

Detective Gordon is arguably the least interesting character in Gotham, so bringing in a sleazebag uncle with a skeleton in his closet is a move that’s designed entirely to make the show’s protagonist a little more lively.

Good luck with that, guys.

Remar is an interesting choice. He’s the kind of guy you can’t help but dislike—after all, there’s a good reason he’s played morally ambiguous creeps for the majority of his career. The actor is exceptionally talented at making people hate him (read from that whatever you wish).


No doubt Remar will conduct himself with utmost professionalism while on the set of Gotham. There’s no need to dredge up the past and assume that he’ll revert to the kind of drug-fueled behavior that got him fired from the set of Aliens a few decades ago.

Either way, though, it seems like Warner Bros is attempting to shake things up in Gotham.

They might not be fixing the problem that the show has with holding on to likeable characters, but at least they’re not doubling down on Fish Mooney again this time.



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