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‘Infinity War’: Are the Russo Brothers Searching for the Avengers Mansion?

There’s a problem that comes up a lot in comic book movies with regards to similarities between stories.

Batman has a butler named Alfred, so when adapting Tony Stark to the big screen, Marvel decided to rework Iron Man’s butler, Jarvis, to avoid similarities with Bruce Wayne.

The MCU’s Captain Marvel will have a very different origin to her comic book counterpart, in large part because Carol Danvers’ transformation into Ms Marvel is oddly similar to the origin story for Green Lantern that appeared in that absolutely awful Ryan Reynolds movie.

There’s a lot of idea sharing in comics—Marvel rips off DC, and vice versa, pretty much all the time. It’s all in good fun when this happens on the printed page, but for big screen adaptations, there seems to be an unwritten rule that whoever gets a character, concept, or location into a movie first, gets to claim ownership of it.



The exception to this rule is Quicksilver, who both Marvel and Fox have taken a stab at. Only one of these versions of the character has continued, though, and yet again, it’s the first one to make it to screen (also, the only one that is actually entertaining).

It’s for this reason that, up until now, the Avengers have operated out of either an enormous skyscraper, or a rural military base, when on-screen. The X-Men are established as the only superheroes who are allowed to have their own mansion, and everyone else has to work around that.

This may be all about to change, though, if the Russo Brother’s recent Facebook post is to be believed.


Apparently, the directorial fraternity are planning to include a large mansion in Infinity War. All signs point to it being the Avengers Mansion, a key location in the comic books where Captain America and Iron Man have often hung out together (at least, until Scarlet Witch went crazy, murdered Hawkeye, and blew the place up—it’s since been fixed).

So who do the Russo Brothers think they can get away with featuring a superhero mansion in their movie, when Fox has made a fair claim to the concept as a core part of their cinematic universe?

Well, it’s possible that Marvel thinks they can start moving into other franchises’ territory. After all, who’s going to stop them? If Sentry shows up at any point, we’ll know Marvel are just looking to control all the superheroes, and don’t even care if they’re ripping off Superman to do it.



Alternatively, Marvel might think that they can pick on Fox specifically at this time, because their X-Men universe has been run so far into the ground by Apocalypse that nobody will care anymore.

Yeah, let’s be honest. That’s definitely the reason.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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