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Elektra to Return From the Dead in ‘The Defenders’



So, yeah. Elektra’s going to be resurrected. Shock plot twist, right?

It’s not like anyone who’s ever read a Daredevil or an Elektra comic would have seen this coming.

Or, indeed, anyone who saw the 2005 Elektra movie. All eight people who did so.

It’s probably not even a surprise to audiences who aren’t familiar with the Elektra mythos, but who’ve been paying attention to the number of permanently dead superhero characters in the MCU.

Currently, this tally sits at one. Quicksilver is dead, and that’s it. Considering how popular the MCU version of the character is compared with Fox’s 80s flashback alternative, this is one death that just might stick.

It’s the only significant death that the movie franchise has stuck to, though. Marvel isn’t in the habit of letting their action figures gather dust on the shelf when they could be jamming them into other projects.



While it would have been exceptionally entertaining if one of the only permadeaths in the MCU was one character whose resurrection is key to her comic book origin story, alas, it was not meant to be.

Elodie Yung’s character will return in The Defenders, when she’s resurrected by the ninja clan The Hand in order to do sneaky evil stuff until her inevitable change of heart, because this is a comic book show, after all.

Still, it’s good that the Defenders will have someone worth fighting to worry about. We all know that ordinary humans are no match for three quarters of the team, so perhaps a magically enhanced Elektra could cause Luke Cage to sweat, or give Jessica Jones an excuse to properly let rip.

Otherwise, the series is in danger of becoming a retread of The Avengers, as a group of bickering superheroes keep infighting while a vaguely threatening adversary eludes capture until the last minute.

Look, Loki’s great, but if Thor was a little less grumpy, the central conflict in Joss Whedon’s first Marvel movie would have been settled in fifteen minutes.

“Hey, Thor, let’s work together to stop this evil guy, and not get sidetracked by arguing.”



With regards to The Defenders, there’s no doubt that Sigourney Weaver’s mystery character will provide a fun villain for the series, but having a few extra threats in the mix won’t hurt things.

Just as long as Elektra’s resurrection is less rushed than her actual death, this might provide some fun extra tension for a series about a bunch of indestructible superheroes fighting regular dudes.

Put simply: Elektra won’t just be a filler enemy, and that’s great.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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