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Did the Russo Brothers Just Reveal that Latveria Will Be in 'Infinity War'?

It’s got to be difficult working on a Marvel movie.

Aside from the expectation both from fans and from Disney to produce a decent film, you have to suffer through the constant scrutiny of every single action to take, as fans try to figure out what you’re doing and what content will appear in the game.

If you’re the Russo Brothers, and you’re doing your best to stay active on social media and give fans the kind of insider scoop they’re looking for, don’t expect to be rewarded for your openness.

Any photo you publish online is going to be the subject of fan debates for months, even if you take the picture down almost immediately after uploading it.

It sucks that rabid fans scrutinize every social media photo to the level that keeping surprises is difficult in movies.

With that said, let’s scrutinize the latest Russo Brothers post in way more detail than it deserves.



This old archway may look fairly unimportant and vague—the Russo Brothers probably thought so when posting it, but comic book movie fans have a theory. This, they argue, could be a location that Marvel is considering for Infinity War scenes set in Latveria, the home of the Fantastic Four’s nemesis, Doctor Doom.

You might think that these rumors are baseless, and that this could just as easily be a location for Asgard, or Sokovia, or a wide variety of other places we’ve already seen in Marvel movies.

There’s proof of the theory, though, hidden in plain sight in the photo: the bricks.

This photo has lots of bricks. Latveria has buildings that are made of bricks. This is the only logical explanation for the photo.



Of course, the real reason why people are getting so excited about this picture is the fact that, shortly after publishing it online, the Russo Brothers took it down again.

Speculation ran wild as fans began arguing that the directors had to keep Latveria a secret because of licensing deals with Fox, who own the Fantastic Four and all their villains.

There could well be a simpler explanation. The owner of the building might not want photos to be posted on social media, for example.

This kind of rational thought is no fun, though, so the Marvel-Fox deal rumors are likely to continue for a while.

Do you know what else this photo’s location looks a bit like, though? The foundations of Wayne Manor.



We’ve blown the lid off this, people. JLAvengers is confirmed for 2019.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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