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‘Defenders’ Set Photos Point to Plenty of Heroic In-Fighting


There’s a lot of fun stuff going on with Marvel’s The Defenders at the moment.

Filming for the series is in full swing, and news is coming thick and fast about what kinds of wonders we’ll be seeing in the show once it debuts next year.

Most excitingly, thus far, leaked set photos show Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones meeting Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, for the first time.



Looks like things are going well.

What’s fun about this photo is it suggests that the formation of The Defenders as a superhero team isn’t going to be an easy ride.

There won’t be any arbitrary, bomb-in-your-head forced reason for the team to assemble, unlike some self-style “gritty” stories about antiheroes (cough cough, Suicide Squad, cough cough cough).

Instead, this photo hopefully points to a team of heroes that spend the majority of their time bickering and in-fighting, as they successfully distract each other from actually facing the big threat posed by Sigourney Weaver’s character.

Or, in other words, this movie is going to be more like Avengers than Age of Ultron, with heroes punching each other for the majority of the runtime.

More evidence of this points to the fact that several key actors in the show are already speculating publicly about who’d win in a proper showdown. Mike Colter is convinced that Daredevil versus Luke Cage isn’t exactly a fair fight – if anything, he sees his character as a pretty good punching bag who’s not actually going to be too bothered if Charlie Cox’s Matt Murder starts railing on him.

“Well, it’s not fair to spar with any of those guys because it would not be a fair fight. I mean, let’s be honest. You want me be the punching bag so that they can get their aggression out on me? And I just stand there and take it until one of them hurts their hand?   Sure. I can be a punching bag.”

How very noble of you, Mike Colter. That said, we’d all like to see you just punch a guy’s head clean off, just for the fun of it.

It is true, though, that The Defenders has an important balancing act to play in keeping a bunch of heroes with different power levels evenly matched—much like the first Avengers film.

Just as Hulk fights Thor while Hawkeye gets beaten up by Black Widow, The Defenders needs to pair up sparring matches that aren’t too one-sided.

Can Danny Rand’s Iron Fist, for example, cause Luke Cage to break a sweat? That’d certainly be more fun to see than watching Colter simply sit on Charlie Cox while he flails his arms in protest.

All of this is going to be set among a backdrop of a lot of side character negotiations. Everyone’s turning up for The Defenders, even in smaller roles, if a recent promo teaser is to be believed.



Here’s hoping that, with all these characters running around and trying to beat each other up, there’ll be room for a decent show in here as well.

After all, a Netflix series isn’t all that long, even before you jam the entire season full of standoffs and Foggy Nelson’s panic attacks.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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