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David Leitch to Direct 'Deadpool 2'; 'Deadpool 3' Director Hunt Already Underway

So, Deadpool 2 has a director.

David Leitch is going to be taking on the Merc with a Mouth, and will be the unfortunate soul to have to try and keep Ryan Reynolds’ ego in check throughout the process of developing a sequel to this year’s hugely popular R-rated superhero bridge porn smash hit.

(Thinking about it, the phrase “bridge porn” sums this movie up so very, very well…)

Leith directed Keanu Reeves in John Wick, so he’s used to overly violent movies, and dealing with actors who are far more successful than they are talented. All in all, this is a pretty good fit.

This announcement didn’t even have time to become old news, though, before rumors started flying around about Fox’s plans for Deadpool 3, and a third director in as many films.

Apparently, the studio doesn’t hold out much hope that Leitch will be able to put up with an excessive dose of Ryan Reynolds. This seems like a pretty smart call, all things considered.

According to Comic Book Movie, Rupert Sanders, Drew Goddard, and Magnus Martens are all being considered for the third movie in what will no doubt be a desperate crutch for Fox for many years to come.

While it’s good to know that the studio is planning ahead, and factoring in the superhuman levels of annoyance that Reynolds generates in anyone who stands near to him for too long, it is a bit worrying that the plan for Deadpool is to entrust each movie to a new director.


Bryan Singer has made four X-Men movies, and three of them were pretty good. One bad egg, though, has clearly left Fox wary of trusting a superhero franchise to a single director again.

This is not a good lesson for the studio to learn. It dangerously mirrors what’s going on over at Warner Bros with the DCEU, and the studio’s obsessing with micromanaging movies in a misguided effort to maximize profits.

Choosing a third director for the Deadpool franchise sends a pretty clear message about where Fox is placing their trust: they want a director who’ll cater to Ryan Reynolds’ every irritating whim, and they don’t want anyone to get comfortable.

Never forget, Fox movie directors: you’re expendable. Ryan Reynolds isn’t. Here ends the lecture on the X-Men chain of command.

This is a problem for several reasons (many of which relate to Reynolds’ insufferable attitude towards filmmaking and his own importance in the process), but it’s perhaps most worrying because it shows that, as much as Fox is trying to learn from Apocalypse, all the company is really doing is shifting its focus.


Bryan Singer’s single X-Men flop means that Fox no longer trusts directors. Instead, the studio trusts its lead actor with far too much power.

Actors aren’t meant to control every aspect of a movie. Directors aren’t meant to simply stand around, doing exactly what they’re told.

Fox has these two roles around the wrong way, and it’s going to take them far too long to figure this out.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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