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VIDEO: How 'Suicide Squad' Should Have Ended


So by now we all know that Suicide Squad was one of the worst movies of the summer, despite making enough money to make Solomon blush. The number one reason the movie sucked, however, was very clearly studio interference, though it certainly doesn't help that David Ayer seems incapable of making a decent movie. The dude's a music video director making feature films. Someone correct this.

The good folks over at How it Should Have Ended are now aiming their humorous daggers at the third DCEU film and their criticisms are not only fair, they're likely to make anyone who actually enjoyed this film question their judgment for the rest of time. Honestly, it's okay to like a movie, but I really have to question the taste of anyone that likes Suicide Squad. It's a pretty rancid piece of filmmaking, and I love this video for illustrating precisely why I feel that way.


Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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