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These Jack-O-Lanterns By NASA Will Make You Want To Smash Your Own Pumpkin

 Get ready to up your Jack-O-Lantern game, because the pretty pumpkins below are going to put your carving skills to shame. 

Don't feel too bad, though—these pumpkins were created by ACTUAL rocket scientists. NASA's annual pumpkin carving competition went down recently, and the folks over there pulled out all the stops, using complex lighting systems and ROBOTICS to create these high-tech versions of Halloween staples. (It's called a competition, but it's more of a showcase—there's no winner crowned.) There's a darkly funny political one, a Stranger Things-inspired one, and many that involve light shows—but my favorite is the one with the robot arm. 

Check out some of the crazy NASA pumpkin art below:









Check out all the entries here and the Jet Propulsion Lab has uploaded some high-quality videos to Flickr.

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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