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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘Justice League’ Both Finish Filming


We did it, guys. We made it.

After months of inane movie news, with unnecessarily drawn out casting announcements, over-analysis or every leaked photograph, and a pointless online debate about appropriate casting choices, it’s all finished.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has wrapped.

Oh, and so did Justice League. Whoop-de-doo.

It’s hard not to feel a little pity for Zack Snyder at the moment. After audiences trashed his vision of a Batman movie with Superman in it, nobody seems all that excited about his latest masterpiece: a Batman movie with the Justice League in it.

Sure, there’s been wall-to-wall coverage of this movie, but that in large part is due to Warner Bros deliberately throwing open their doors and welcoming entertainment journalists onto the movie’s set.


“Come see,” says Warner Bros, “We’ve made a fun movie this time! We’re making fun of Aquaman for talking to fish! We got the rights to Icky Thump! This is going to be a great movie!”

Yet in spite of every effort from DC to drum up interest in Justice League, the movie hasn’t received nearly the same level of fan interest as Homecoming. Where DC has been throwing as much behind-the-scenes footage around for Batman And His Amazing Friends as possible, Spider-Man Returns has been getting way more attention from eager comic book nerds who are trying to squeeze every possible juicy secret out of the film’s production schedule.

Maybe this is because Justice League is still over a year away from release. That’s right, DC gave us a trailer for a movie that isn’t going to debut for an entire calendar year.

Meanwhile, coming next summer, Spider-Man: This Time Michael Keaton Is a Villain is a lot closer, and therefore a lot more hype-inducing. Even though Marvel’s been a bit too cavalier with casting announcements, the shoot for the movie was pretty much as locked down and secretive as possible—and even so, Marvel couldn’t keep the leaks to a sensible number as eager fans tore apart every blurry photo as if they were looking for evidence of Bigfoot.

One has to wonder why DC are still taking so long to get their movies out to theaters. Sure, they’ve not got a streamlined production line that’s quite as efficient as Marvel, but it’s weird that they’re going to now sit on all their Justice League footage for a year as they try to build hype for the movie.

It might be this attitude that means people aren’t as interested in Justice League news. After all, Batman v Superman was subjected to a similarly long hype period, and all it managed was an above average opening weekend. Maybe audiences are tired of being teased by superhero movies that are too far in the future to get genuinely excited over.

Of course, the level of excitement surrounding Spider-Man: Revenge of the Birdman is something new.

It’s not like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received this level of audience intrigue—Spidey’s return to Marvel is what’s made people excited, and it’s the involvement of Kevin Feige that makes this movie so hotly debated.


Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to bring in the crowds in large part because Tom Holland has already proven himself worthy of the mantle of the Friendly Neighborhood Wallcrawler. Marvel has shown audiences that they can make the character work in every way that mopey Tobey Maguire and Extreme Sports Andrew Garfield failed.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is less proven. For all that DC is desperate for journalistic approval, considering that Batman v Superman tanked with critics, there’s understandably a lot less excitement surrounding the movie.

Maybe this will change as we get closer to the film’s debut (and as DC systematically spoils every key plot point in its remaining trailers).

But until the DC universe knocks one out of the park, its movies aren’t going to receive nearly as much fan interest as anything Marvel cranks out with its enormous money-printing machine.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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