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Sly Stallone and Sharon Stone Rumored To Appear in ‘Guardians 2’


When it comes to Outer Space comic book movies, there’s a fine line between Guardians of the Galaxy and Green Lantern.

Introduce too many wacky comic book characters, and the whole film loses its perspective, especially if these characters are created entirely through the use of CGI.

With a bigger budget, a larger scope, and loads of new characters, perhaps the biggest danger facing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is the possibility of being too stuffed full of lackluster side characters.


The reported inclusion of The Elders of the Universe, a fairly dull bunch of clichés that the Marvel maintains as canon simply out of convenience, would be cause for concern. After all, in addition to all its other new characters, how can Guardians of the Galaxy 2 feature a bunch of extra weird cosmic aliens?

Well, apparently the solution to making The Elders of the Universe work in the MCU isn’t to make them CGI monsters.

It’s to stage an elaborate reunion for the 1994 action movie The Specialist.

Rumors are coming in thick and heavy that Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone, the lead actors in The Specialist, will be playing two of the Elders in the upcoming movie.

This certainly fits the tone of the first Guardians movie, with its emphasis on eighties nostalgia. It makes sense to give audiences a bit of nineties charm by putting back together the dream team from this entirely forgettable action film.


If this proves true, Stallone and Stone will join Jeff Goldblum as Elders—the star of Jurassic Park and Independence Day (hello again, nineties vibe) will be playing The Grandmaster, who’s every bit as pretentious as he sounds.

Of course, the nineties theme probably won’t continue into the movie’s soundtrack, unless Peter Quill’s mother was a master of time travel. There also hopefully won’t be any nineties pop culture references, because Star Lord doesn’t know what the nineties culture looks like.

As an aside, get ready for a scene in the sequel where Peter Quill returns to Earth for some reason and gets his mind blown by modern society. Lady Gaga alone would make his head explode.

So with Goldblum, Stallone, Stone, and even Kurt Russell making an appearance in Guardians 2, it seems that James Gunn’s approach to keeping side characters from getting boring is simply to turn each one into a nostalgia trip.

It’s unlikely that The Specialist will hold an awful lot of nostalgia for the audience, considering its Rotten Tomatoes score of 4%, but whatever. Basically everything from the nineties was absolute garbage if you find a way to take off the rose-tinted glasses of age.

Except pogs. Man, those were cool. 

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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