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New 'Doctor Strange' TV Spot Is, Well, Strange


Now that Marvel is finally hitting their stride, they can take more risks in advertising films like Doctor Strange. The latest television commercial for the film plays backwards and still manages to look vastly more interesting than it has any right to. That might have something to do with Mads Mikkelsen's participation, or it might be because Marvel is finally becoming less rigid and allowing filmmakers a modicum of freedom to create something new and unique. 

There's no guarantee that the film will be even half as good as its advertising campaign, but seeing ads like this for the film gives me a bit of hope for the future of the MCU. Their past policies, which helped usher directors like Edgar Wright and Joss Whedon out the door, seem to have softened a bit in Phase III. Perhaps this is an era of a new Marvel Studios that actually gets out of the way of the people they hired to direct their films. Or maybe all of the cool stuff is in the trailer and the movie will suck. Could go either way, but for the moment, I'm hoping this is the start of something new for Marvel, and provided that's not an Infinity Stone he's using to control time, I'll be convinced of that fact.



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