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'Logan' Trailer Arrives... Still No Sign of Eriq La Salle


Okay, so we've got a couple of big revelations coming out of this first trailer for next March's Logan, aka Wolverine 3, aka Jackman's Last Tango. One of the biggest revelations of the film is the tone. This flick looks pretty down and dirty, though it also looks like it's got this sappy soft center that could potentially undermine any of the grit they're going for. I love Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt" as much as the next person, but it's a little on the nose, and makes me think this flick will cheese out at least a little bit.

Another big revelation is that Patrick Stewart is looking to be the co-lead in this thing. Unless it's a bit of misdirection and the bulk of his role was shown in this trailer, I think he'll be a pretty huge part of the flick. No sign of either Eriq "Soul Glo" La Salle or Richard E. Grant, but we did get a good look at Boyd Holbrook and his gang of Reavers

The last big revelation comes after you probably stopped watching and that's the fact that the film is not being released in 3D. This is the second Fox/Marvel film in as many years, after Deadpool, to not be released in 3D. Is this because of the R-rating? More than likely, since the PG-13 X-Men: Apocalypse was released in 3D in between the two, but it's still interesting to see a major league comic book movie like this not have a 3D release. 

Any way you slice it, this will most assuredly be the best Wolverine movie and if it doesn't get too bogged down in sentiment, it could rival X2 as the best Fox/Marvel film of them all. We'll all find out on March 3.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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