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Hugh Jackman Reveals ‘Wolverine 3’ Title and Poster


Wolverine 3 is not Old Man Logan.

Sorry, eager comic book fans.

Despite rumors suggesting that the final tour of duty for Hugh Jackman’s version of the popular comic book character, Wolverine’s next movie won’t feature him as an aging pacifist, because that would be boring.

As one of Double Viking’s very talented writers pointed out yesterday, an aging Wolverine makes a living Professor X redundant, unless Logan spends the entire movie pushing around an empty wheelchair while hallucinating the presence of his old mentor.

Okay, maybe that works. There’s comic book precedent and everything.

Hugh Jackman has revealed that his final X-Men movie will simply be titled Logan, when the actor took to Twitter to unveil the movie’s first promo image in the form of a poster.



First off, the head of security at Fox deserves a pay rise. That guy runs a tight ship, considering how little has been leaked about this movie.

Second, let’s have a look at what the poster hints at: a touching moment in which Wolverine ignores standard infant safety while holding hands with a child.

Seriously, most parents don’t even let their kids see the knife rack, let alone convincing them to tenderly cuddle up with three indestructible blades.

This poster could point to a few possibilities for the movie.

Perhaps Wolverine has taken on Professor X’s mantle as headmaster of the School for Gifted Youngsters. This has happened in the comics, but it doesn’t seem like the most likely explanation for the poster.

More probable is that Logan will be a Three Men and a Baby tribute film, with Wolverine taking on Tom Selleck’s role as a gruff middle aged man who, forced to care for a small child, ends up finding his sensitive side.


Except, in the upcoming movie, cute moments of changing diapers and reading bedtime stories, Wolverine spends his time screaming obscenities and slaughtering waves of mercenaries in a desperate bid to keep the child safe.

It’s possible that the kid in question is Wolverine’s child – this makes sense considering that Fox is in need of a new Wolverine, but can’t exactly recast Hugh Jackman’s character any time soon.

Instead, with rumors floating around that the female Wolverine clone X-23 might be making a cinematic debut, Logan could see Wolverine rescuing and protecting the result of an experiment to recreate Weapon X.

This would certainly be a more family-friendly origin story for X-23. It’s hard to see X-Men movie fans tolerating the sight of lady Wolverine being forced into teenage prostitution.

Comics are messed up, guys.

Now, if X-23 is going to be a child in this movie, it gives Fox plenty of time to cast a grown-up version of the character once Logan has been released.

That being the case, Fox executives, if you’re reading this, there’s only one appropriate choice.

Yup, professional lady badass Summer Glau. She can kick a guy around a pole.

Come on, Fox, considering how many times you’ve cancelled shows that she’s starred in, by this point you owe her.

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Matthew Loffhagen

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