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'Ghostbusters' 2016 Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment


Wading into a minefield is one of the things that Screen Junkies does better than most, but I have to be honest about their latest Honest Trailer... It's not great. I get that this summer's Ghostbusters wasn't the best movie of the year, but it was just about the best possible version of a reboot that could have been made. It was its own thing while simultaneously being reverent to the source material, but somehow that's a bad thing in Screen Junkies estimation. 

I'm not about to fight these fights again, and I'll say that it's okay to dislike a movie, even this one, but how could this have worked otherwise? And don't say "don't remake it in the first place" because that's not an option in this day and age. Ghostbusters was getting remade one way or another and I'm just glad that they did a decent job of both honoring its predecessors and carving out a niche of its own. 

As I said, it's fine not to like it, but don't begrudge others their enjoyment of it. My daughters liked it more than the original, as they're entitled to, and I think that's fine. They have their version, I have mine, and you have yours, and we're all better off by just going our own ways now. 


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