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Five Directors Who'd Be Perfect For ‘Deadpool 2’


It’s been several days now, but still we’re no closer to understanding what exactly went down between Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller in pre-production on Deadpool 2.

Some claim that the two clashed over the casting of key character Cable, while others suggest that Miller’s vision of the finished movie was significantly more expensive, and larger in scope, than the first film.

Perhaps both of these rumors are true, and Miller wanted to cast a prime-of-his-life Arnold Schwarzenegger as Cable, with the majority of the movie’s budget going on a bizarre cloning experiment.

Whatever the reason for the fall out, the movie needs a new director. Quentin Tarantino has been suggested by some fans, but that’s a chump’s choice. Here are five possible directors that are probably being seriously considered by Fox at the moment:


5. Ryan Reynolds


Let’s get the most obvious choice out of the way first.

The Deadpool franchise is Ryan Reynolds’ baby. He has fought longer and harder than any other creator attached to the project to get the first movie in the series made, and he’s not going to let a little something like a lack of directing experience keep him from delivering his perfect second installment.

Besides, if Ben Affleck can write, direct, and star in his own Batman movie, there’s a need for superhero actors to up their game. Reynolds probably feels like he needs to make the movie himself, just to prove that he can do it.

Besides, if having a director that has a pesky sense of free will was getting in the way of his perfect next film, it makes sense to ditch the illusion of having an autonomous director altogether.

This would perfectly set up a third movie, in which Fox is able to cut costs by hiring Reynolds to do everything, from writing to directing, to playing all characters, and even fiddling around in a copy of Adobe After Effects to make his own CGI special effects.

Just don’t let him do the catering. If only one person on-set gets food poisoning, the entire production will have to shut down for days.


4. Edgar Wright


When people think of quirky, offbeat comic book movies, it’s hard not to think of Edgar Wright.

The director behind Scott Pilgrim vs The World has shown a loving faithfulness to comic book source material that borders on the obsessive, and his bizarre sense of humor has made for some of the most powerful moments in cinema in recent years.

It’s easy to see how well Wright would work on Deadpool 2, creating a movie that would be peppered with his own surreal approach to comedy.

Plus, Wright has a vendetta to settle. After Marvel made him abandon his beloved Ant-Man movie over studio interference, the acclaimed director of The Cornetto Trilogy has every reason to want to see the X-Men movie rights stay with Fox, if only to spite Kevin Feige.

Of course, there are many ways that Wright is less than perfect for this film. His notorious battle with Marvel executives would likely continue over to a constant war with Fox higher up, should he be given the chance – this studio has a worse reputation for butting in and messing around with directors’ plans.

Wright’s unique filmmaking style probably wouldn’t gel with Ryan Reynolds either—the Deadpool star has forced out Tim Miller because the director wouldn’t play ball, so Reynolds would likely have a hard time tolerating Wright’s constant surreal suggestions.

But Wright isn’t the only director with hilarious comic book movie experience under his belt.


3. Matthew Vaughn


It’s almost a complete certainty that someone at Fox is staring at a framed photo of Matthew Vaughn and sighing right now.

Good old Vaughny. Between saving the X-Men franchise with First Class, and revitalizing the spy movie genre with Kingsman, there’s not much this guy can’t do with a halfway decent comic book to adapt—something that Fox learned with both films when they saw the box office returns they were getting.

There are few directors in Hollywood with such a penchant for graphic comic book violence and wacky humor. Vaughn’s existing body of work, most notably Kingsman and Kick Ass, fit perfectly with the tone of the first Deadpool movie.

There’s just one problem: Vaughn is way too busy to take on Deadpool 2. Besides working on a sequel to Kingsman, the director is just too in-demand to glue into this project.

Besides, Fox wants someone cheap and malleable. Deadpool was Tim Miller’s first feature length movie, and Fox definitely wants a new director that’s similarly green around the ears, not least because it means they won’t have to pay too much.


2. Dan Trachtenberg


Dan Trachtenberg first appeared on Hollywood’s radar after he debuted a fan movie based on the popular Valve video game, Portal.

The director has since gone on to helm one low budget sci-fi/horror movie, winning critical acclaim for 10 Cloverfield Lane.

By all accounts, while filming the movie, Trachtenberg displayed a powerful talent for shutting up and doing whatever JJ Abrams told him—a skill that makes him perfect for working with Fox and Ryan Reynolds.

If anything, though, Trachtenberg still shows a little too much autonomy. Fox needs someone that’ll do their bidding, no matter what’s asked of them. Ryan Reynolds wants a director that will in no way question his totalitarian creative control on the project.

Plus, Trachtenberg is currently busy, with projects that JJ Abrams has assigned him. He might be working on a Half Life movie, or he might be doing Abrams’ laundry.

Either way, he’s busy.


1. Josh Trank


Heheheh. No, not really.

Although, Fox could probably do worse than rehiring the director of their ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot.

Considering the way Trank’s career took a nosedive after Fox forced him off Fant4stic, he’s probably pretty desperate for good work right now. If offered a job on Deadpool 2, he’d probably direct the whole movie for free, just as a way to get his name back onto a mainstream movie.

Plus, considering that all Ryan Reynolds really wants from a director is someone to shut up, do what he’s told, and make sure the boom mic doesn’t wander into shot while Reynolds is in front of the camera, Trank’s a pretty good choice, as long as he’s banned from making any creative choice at all.

Yes, there’s no better option. Josh Trank, the man responsible for the trainwreck that is Fant4stic, is the perfect director for Deadpool 2.

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