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Disney is Keeping George Lucas Away from ‘Indy 5’ At All Costs


Christmas dinner at Steven Spielberg’s house is going to be awkward this year.

Spielberg has a tradition, you see, of spending the holiday with his lifelong BFF, George Lucas.

While not taking vacations together or sending each other cute love notes through the medium of newspaper advertisements, the pair are pretty much inseparable, and have been throughout their career.


The pair even came up with the heroic character Indiana Jones while sunning themselves on a beach together. This lazy work setting is probably why “Stick a hat on Han Solo” was the general approach to the character.

But now, George may well be feeling a little hurt by Spielberg.

After all, one of the legendary pair of friends is working on Indiana Jones 5.

The other is not.

Can you guess which one’s been barred from the project?

George Lucas was once held in the highest possible regard by a generation of movie audiences. Movies like American Graffiti and Star Wars resonated with young audiences who yearned for adventure and felt trapped in their 1970s teenage lives.



At one point, critics summed up Lucas’ genius by commenting on his ability to convince his audience to identify with his characters—you really feel for Luke Skywalker as he straddles the Tatooine landscape, watching two suns slowly setting on the horizon.

Unfortunately for George, this talent came from having a solid grounding in the human condition—something that years spent in a golden palace made of action figure money tends to erase. After decades of being told how wonderful he was, George made the fatal mistake of actually believing that he was the visionary genius that everyone painted him as.

The result is a movie in which Shia LaBeouf swings from trees, surrounded by cartoon monkeys.



Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is, in the eyes of many fans, a greater failure than any of the Star Wars prequels. With yes-men like Rick McCallum on-hand every day for The Phantom Menace, agreeing with every terrible idea that tumbled out of Lucas’ head, of course the resultant movie would be a stream of incoherent garbage.

With Indy 4, though, Steven Spielberg was on hand. In his heyday, Spielberg was an even bigger deal than Lucas, and in the years since, he’s managed to avoid going quite as completely, terrifyingly insane as his best friend.

Fans figured that, no matter how far Lucas had descended into madness, the steadying hand of Steven Spielberg would prevent Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from falling into the same trap as Attack of the Clones.

Turns out that, nope, we were all wrong. Every time Lucas said “What if this one is all about aliens,” Spielberg said, “Good idea, George!”



As it turns out, Spielberg was more interested in maintaining his lifelong friendship with George Lucas than he was in making a decent movie. He’s actually fully admitted to this, stating, “I am loyal to my best friend”.

So it must come as quite a shock to poor old George that after all these years, his bestie has finally turned around and stabbed him in the back.

According to Indy 5 writer David Koepp, Disney is keeping Lucas as far away from the new movie as possible.

But with Spielberg directing, this means that only one half of the legendary duo is being kept away from the project. That’s got to sting.

So if things seem frosty between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, now you know why.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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