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Aunt May Might Date a Bad Guy in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’



Another day, another piece of Spider-Man: Homecoming news scraped from the bottom of the rumor barrel.

It’s nice to hear more things about this movie, but considering that Homecoming has wrapped filming, it’s a bit disconcerting to have these snippets still appearing. Not since The Phantom Menace has every single element of a movie been so hotly debated, and we all know how that turned out.

It’s not helpful that, in spite of the ridiculous levels of fan anticipation surrounding the first MCU Spider-Man movie, Marvel are keeping tight-lipped about what and whom will be making an appearance. The studio still has yet to confirm whether or not Michael Keaton will, as rumored, be playing The Vulture.

With a lack of information, fans are free to speculate wildly. The latest report suggests that, while the movie will have three villains, one of them might not be as super as you might expect.

Apparently, in addition to fighting The Shocker and The Vulture, Spidey will be butting heads with an ordinary middle-aged man.


According to reports, this most heinous of villains has the nerve to try his luck at seducing Peter’s increasingly young and hot Aunt May, now played by the gorgeous Marisa Tomei, providing an awkward subplot for the movie as Peter finds himself stuck spending family dinners with his aunt’s new suitor.

This kind of dynamic is by no means a new element in the Spider-Man mythos. Aunt May gets around a lot in the comics, and has been romantically linked with pretty much every character over the age of forty.

May’s flirted with the Avengers butler, Jarvis. She’s had a fling the Fantastic Four’s mailman, Willie Lumpkin, presumably because she assumed his name was an innuendo.

She was once engaged to Doctor Octopus, and is now happily married to J Jonah Jameson Sr.

To put it lightly, Aunt May has a more active love life than Peter.


Oh, and speaking of Peter, there was once even an out-of-canon story that saw May have a secret affair with Peter’s dad. Apparently, one Parker is just not enough.

So this rumor of a romantic suitor for Aunt May makes sense for Spider-Man: Homecoming’s story. There is the concern, though, that a lot is going on in this movie.

Peter has to deal with Tony Stark, a high school dance, multiple supervillains, and even Aunt May’s new boyfriend. This movie is looking more bloated with unnecessary adversaries than Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 combined.

What’s more, there’s also a rumor going around that a “character central to the [Spider-Man] mythos” is going to make a brief cameo in the movie, setting up future appearances in the MCU. Speculation here ranges from the brief inclusion of Norman Osborn to J Jonah Jameson, but whoever shows up, it simply means another random character vying for screen time in a character-dense movie.

With so much going on, here’s hoping Marvel doesn’t overstuff this film.

If things go south with this movie, Spider-Man fans might find themselves feeling nostalgic for the days before Spidey jumped into the MCU canon.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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