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New 'Walking Dead' Teaser Puts the Spotlight on Negan


By this point, it’s pretty safe to say that AMC actually, actively hates fans of The Walking Dead.

There’s no other explanation for being just so emotionally manipulative.

To end Season Six on a cliffhanger by killing off a beloved main cast character member, but refusing to reveal who’s been given the chop (or, more accurately, the bat), is pretty mean by itself.

But to constantly remind fans that they’re still waiting for a resolution to this story beat, to use every promo opportunity to drum up greater anticipation for the big reveal, is nothing short of cruel. It’s like spending an entire summer constantly reminding a teenager how many days are left until school starts again, or emailing a retiree to remind them of their average life expectancy on a daily basis.

Now, the studio is at it again. A new teaser video shows off some of the antics that antagonist Negan will be getting up to in the next season of the show, serving as a constant reminder that one of viewers’ favorite characters will be replaced by this clown for the entirety of Season Seven.



There are no hints on display as to which member of the cast is about to have their brains smashed to pieces, but the teaser does give fans the chance to relive the bat swing one more time, driving home the reminder that someone is about to die.

All of this leaves fans in the tricky, Hunger Games style position of having to stack up the show’s characters and choose who they like the least.

There’s no good ending in store here, and once the new season starts, things are likely to get a heck of a lot worse, so the final reveal is going to be little more than a temporary distraction as things start getting much, much worse.

While fans are eager to speculate as to who might be about to meet their doom, there is always the chance that the entire cliffhanger is nothing more than an elaborate ruse.

After all, AMC is hardly going to kill off a character that brings in big ratings, and there have been times when characters have supposedly died in the past, before being conveniently spared at the last possible second.


Holding out hope for a last minute rescue, though, probably isn’t the best plan.

After all, don’t forget: AMC actually hates Walking Dead fans. They want you to suffer. They draw strength from your sadness.

Don’t put it past the Walking Dead showrunners to arrange the Season Seven premiere so that you still don’t find out who’s dead, keeping this cruel cliffhanger going for just a little bit longer.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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