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Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy Tease Upcoming DC Animation Projects


At this past weekend's Fan Expo in Toronto, the two most famous voices in the DC Animated Universe took to the stage and teased some interesting developments from the animation arm of DC. Batman: The Animated Series stars Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Mark Hamill (The Joker) are hot off their reunion for The Killing Joke, and took to the stage to talk about their history with the characters. 

According to Screen Geek, the two ended the talk with a lengthy Q&A with fans, during which one of the fans asked if they were involved in any future DC Animated features. Conroy turned to Hamill and asked him, "What do you think about Hush?" which garnered a huge reaction from fans, but not as huge as Hamill's retort, "Well, what do you think about A Death in the Family?" At this point, I'm assuming that some of the audience members spontaneously combusted, because what other possible reaction could you have to that news?

Provided they don't fall victim to the padding that ultimately destroyed The Killing Joke, I can honestly say that I'm pumped for these two films. Hush is one of my favorite comics ever, and is one of the smarter stories to include a large number of Batman's rogues. Let's just hope they don't unnecessarily cram any more in there. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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