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James Gunn Would Cast Steven Tyler in 'Guardians 3' Because Who Gives a Shit?


Late last week, we told you about Aerosmith lead singer and top hat enthusiast Steven Tyler's burning sensation desire to appear in a third Guardians of the Galaxy film. It kinda came out of left field and seemed about as likely as Lloyd Kaufman coming back for another Guardians film, but now James Gunn has responded to Tyler's request and it's about as gracious as we've come to expect from him.

According to The Wrap, Gunn did a Facebook Q&A in which he was asked about Tyler's bizarre request and left the door open for Tyler to participate in a future Gunn-directed project. “Yes, I did hear that Steven Tyler wants to be in Guardians of the Galaxy. He gave Guardians of the Galaxy a shout-out the other day in an interview. He said, ‘James Gunn are you listening?’ The answer is: Steven, yes I am listening. And I’m a big fan of Steven Tyler‘s. I had the pleasure of directing his daughter Liv in a movie [Super in 2010] in which she was fantastic, and I met him for a few seconds at a screening of that movie. He’s a cool guy. And of course I would love to work with Steven Tyler sometime.”

Since he never came right out and said, "Yes, Steven Tyler can be in Guardians 3," he took to Twitter to clarify the following day...

I guess you've got to hand it to Gunn, he's a lot more diplomatic about the whole thing than he needs to be. Just don't give him any lines, please. Or just give him one line and usher him the fuck off screen as quickly as possible. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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