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Brie Larson Has “Very Specific Reasons” For Doing Captain Marvel


There’s no denying that Marvel was reaching high when it signed Oscar winner Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel.

Obviously, Marvel realizes the importance of getting the hero right – not least because Carol Danvers’ superhero identity bears the studio’s name, meaning there’s a lot of pressure to get this new flagship off the ground.

According to Brie Larson, though, she’s getting something pretty good out of this deal too. Just as Marvel needs her respectability in order to make the Captain Marvel movie a hit, Larson likes the idea of using Marvel’s “incredible platform” as a force for good in Hollywood.

“I have very specific reasons for doing film,” Larson said to the Toronto Sun, “and they don’t have to do with me or getting my face plastered on more objects.”

“It’s about the material. And movies live on and can be places I can’t, and I want to be conscious about what it is that I’m presenting to the world, and what those representations of life are, and how they’re being shared. And obviously Marvel is such an incredible platform to be able to share in storytelling.

"I think what Captain Marvel represents, and what this film is shaping up to be, has a message that’s undeniably important to the world right now.”

It’s probably safe to say that the message Larson is hoping to get across with Captain Marvel is the idea that girls can be superheroes too.

You’d think, in 2016, with the recent proven success of characters like Katniss Everdeen and Rey [Insert Last Name Speculation Here], movie studios wouldn’t still be quite as jumpy about the idea of letting a woman lead an action film.

In practice, though, Marvel’s approach to creating a female-led movie almost feels a little like the studio is being pressganged into something they don’t want to do.

Marvel has used up pretty much all of its other characters. Robot butlers, wizards, demigods, sticky teenagers and even a talking racoon have all featured in the MCU before Captain Marvel.

The pressure from fans to give a female character anything more than a supporting role has been intense, and it almost feels like Marvel are giving us a Captain Marvel movie not because they want to, but because they feel obligated to.


In short, the Captain Marvel movie feels a little like an equal opportunities PR stunt. Marvel is going to prove that they value female creators by making a movie that doesn’t have any men in it. The writers are women, the director will be a woman – heck, it wouldn’t be unexpected if Marvel banned the Y chromosome from the set entirely just to prove that they’re valuing the contributions of women.

Then, when all is said and done, Marvel Studios will be able to point to Captain Marvel whenever someone calls them out on sexism. “We can’t possibly be sexist”, a male studio representative will say, “We made that one movie with all the women in it!”

But while Marvel are yawning their way through production meetings as they rush to get their female-led PR move out the door, the women involved with the movie are busily drawing up plans to make their film count.

This is what Brie Larson means when she says that her movie has an “undeniably important” message.

She’s going to use Marvel’s platform to prove that a female superhero can do everything a male one can do – including clear up big time at the box office.

Because if Larson can deliver a phenomenal performance in a CGI monster fest, she might just convince some Hollywood executives to greenlight more female-led action movies. She might help inspire a generation of young, female moviemakers to give things their best shot and not let men get all the best jobs simply by virtue of the shape of their genitals.


And damn it all, she’s even going to give a try to winning over the whiny comic book nerds (in other words, us) who see characters like Wonder Woman and Black Widow as nothing more than sex objects.

That’s Brie Larson’s plan, and Heaven help anybody who gets in her way.

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