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New Set Photos Reveal ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Plot Details


Spoiler alert for Thor: Ragnarok – Chris Hemsworth is in it.

Hopefully this plot detail doesn’t leave you devastated and filled with rage – if it comes as any consolation, the news that Thor will appear in a movie that bears his name has been confirmed thanks to a leaked photo from none other than Ragnarok director Taika Waititi himself.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to avoid the intricate details of Marvel movies, though, and if you’re one of the people who prefer to stay spoiler-free, you really shouldn’t read any more of this article. Perhaps take some time away from the internet to stroke a cat, feed a homeless person, or back up your phone’s memory card.

Still here? Don’t say you weren’t warned if your phone falls in a lake this weekend. Here are some more key spoilers that have been revealed by Waititi and Hemsworth in tandem:

Loki’s in the movie too. While Tom Hiddleston has been deliberately vague when talking about how much he might be appearing in the movie (Taylor Swift’s classy boyfriend knows how to keep a secret better than some, it seems), Thor himself has tweeted a photo of the two brothers sat at a New York newsstand.

As always, Loki is far better dressed than Thor, even if he is sporting a mullet. While emulating Tom Hiddleston by dressing up in a suit might help your lovelife, do yourself a favor and stop short of copying Loki’s hair.

What’s given fans the biggest potential spoiler, though, is speculation about the setting – while Ragnarok has been described as primarily an outer-space epic in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy, these new set photos reveal the cast filming in the middle of New York City, a brand new locale for a Thor solo movie, and one that begs the question: what are the two brothers doing in these scenes?

If you’ve not been scared away from this article by previous spoiler alerts because you figure this article won’t be giving away any significant plot details, now if your final warning. Turn away now, or spend the first half of Ragnarok waiting for a certain character to show up.

Still here? Fair enough.



You might not be able to see it too clearly, but in a tweeted photo from Daley Pearson, Thor is shown to be holding a business card with the address 177A Bleeker Street written on it.

This is the location of the Sanctum Santorum, the home base for Doctor Strange.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally happening.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston are going to share screen time.

Heaven help us all.

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