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'Doctor Strange' Rewrites Were Overseen By Dan Harmon


Now that we're getting to the other side of the mountain, the one where we all accept that rewrites and reshoots are a part of the big budget filmmaking process, news like this is a lot easier to get excited about. If you're a fan of Community and Rick & Morty—and frankly, who isn't—you'll be happy to know that those series' creator Dan Harmon did some rewrites for reshoots on Doctor Strange.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel determined that after testing the film, it was going to need some rewrites and reshoots, and brought in Harmon to perform writing duties. To be clear, the reshoots were directed by the film's original director, Scott Derrickson, so this isn't a case of the studio taking the movie away from the director. Harmon has done script doctor duties on such films as Kung Fu Panda and Monster House, so he's no stranger to this world, but I'll be excited to see how much influence he had on the finished product. 

Considering how many Community cast members have made the leap to the MCU, this is really not surprising at all, and hopefully a sign of better jokes to come. Let's cross our fingers that they're better than that wi-fi gag at the end of the second trailer. Woof!

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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