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Deborah Snyder Says You’re Wrong for Thinking ‘Man of Steel’ is Dark


Today has brought a plethora of Superman-related movie news.

Anyone who thought that Henry Cavill’s version of the Man of Steel isn’t greasy-looking enough can breathe a sigh of relief – photos from the set of Justice League show Cavill sporting Superman’s iconic slicked hair curl, making him look a little like his mother did his hair for his first day of school.

It’s nice that DC are allowing Superman to display a hair style which is notably dated – it suggests that the studio is willing to let the character display some of his defining attributes on-screen. Perhaps in Justice League, Superman will do other old-fashioned things, such as deciding not to punch humans through walls, or trying to help people when bombs explode rather than just flying away in disgust.

Don’t get your hopes up for a more faithful depiction of Superman just yet though – at least one moviemaker responsible for Supes’ cinematic appearances is in no hurry to display the character in a less grumpy manner.

According to Deborah Snyder, who served as a producer on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, if you thought the previous two films starring Superman were too dark, you are dead wrong.

“People are complex,” Snyder said in an interview with Forbes, “we’re not strictly just the good Boy Scout trying to do good”.

Snyder explained that with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, the intention was to create a version of the Last Son of Krypton who is more recognizably human than previous cinematic versions of the character.

“That’s the great thing about our Superman. He is more relatable. Someone said, ‘It’s so dark,’ and I go, ‘Well, is it dark? He’s going through real problems that we go through as people every day.’ To me that’s not dark, that’s life. We’re complicated people. And we’re making him in that way more relatable.”

While it’s arguable that the current reigning movie Superman is more relatable than previous versions of the character, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that Man of Steel isn’t a dark film.

It’s also an incredible stretch to suggest that Clark Kent’s challenges in the movie are “real problems that we got through as people every day”.


Most people don’t tend to face the threat of alien invasion on a daily basis. To say that we have to snap the necks of our enemies “every day” in order to save the lives of those around us is probably not entirely accurate.

We very rarely are granted visions in which we drown in human skulls. We almost never have to rescue a schoolbus full of children from falling into a lake, and it’s uncommon for our parents to refuse to let us help when they’re being swallowed up by tornados. Let’s not even get started on Batman v Superman.

Deborah Snyder seems to have a very unique understanding of the “real problems that we go through as people every day”. She also seems to have a different opinion to most people on what constitutes “dark”.

All of this does beg the question: what exactly constitutes a normal day in the Snyder household?

It can’t be much fun.

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