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Add Edgar Wright to the List of People Wanting Anna Kendrick as Squirrel Girl

While I am eternally sad that we'll never get to see Edgar Wright's version of Ant-Man, part of me hopes he'll return to Marvel one day. While the film will likely never happen, it would be rad to see the director come back to direct a Squirrel Girl movie starring Anna Kendrick, and you can add Wright's name to the list of people who want that film to get made.

While I wouldn't put any stock at all into this rumor that won't die, the only way I'd actually sit through a Squirrel Girl movie starring Anna Kendrick is if Edgar Wright was directing. The notion is cute and all, but in the realm of "superheroes that don't need a movie," I'd put Squirrel Girl slightly above Brother Power the Geek and Jack of Hearts, but not by much. However, if Edgar Wright's directing, I'm all over it. He's seriously one of the best and most clever directors working today and would probably do something cool and amazing with the property. Or not. Probably not. And Edgar Wright's not going back to Marvel after what happened on Ant-Man. 

So yeah, this is all a big pipe dream and better to let it circle the drain than try to rationalize how cool it would be.


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