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'Suicide Squad' is Basically 'Entourage' if They Were All Supervillains


I finally figured it out! I know now who the exact target audience for Suicide Squad is... People that watch, love, and have incorporated the HBO series Entourage into their everyday lives. This latest TV spot, touting the fact that advanced tickets go on sale this Friday, tells everyone to "Assemble Your Squad," and that's when it hit me. Of course! Squads, Entourage, this movie is for people who like Entourage.

I don't know why I never put the pieces together before now, but it suddenly makes perfect sense. Who would think a blinged out Joker would be cool? Johnny Drama, that's who! "Bro, I totally went out for the role of the Joker, but Leto was so fucking money I couldn't even compete with him." The very notion of Squad Goals grew out of people who bought into the cult of Entourage, where all anyone does is hang out with their besties all day and bang broads all night. Up high, bro!

I'm honestly surprised Jeremy Piven's not in Suicide Squad. This level of buffoonery can be found in his bag of trick, so why not throw him a bone? Have him play some smarmy government official who's railing against Viola Davis the whole time and then pees his pants when the Joker flashes his piece on the lanes. Plus, just think of the gag gifts he'd have gotten from Leto. If I were the Joker, I'd send him a better rug.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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