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Ryan Reynolds Fools the Blogging Community with Some Deadpool Antics

Yesterday afternoon, a story began making the rounds because Ryan Reynolds posted a picture on Instagram and everyone thought it revealed the title of the upcoming Deadpool follow-up. I waited it out, because I didn't have an angle at the moment, and by this morning—or yesterday afternoon more likely—the pic had been debunked as a bit of cheeky fan art that Reynolds felt like sharing without context of any kind. 

In the rush to be the first to post a story, you risk being had, which is exactly what happened to a number of sites yesterday. I'm sure that I'll be had at some point in the future, but I would like to use this as an opportunity to pitch Double Viking to you in a way that clearly illustrates what we offer compared to other sites out there. I'm personally not all that interested in breaking news on this site, but rather with taking the news and giving it a somewhat lighthearted spin. Essentially, we're the site that points fingers and laughs at fuck-ups like this because we rely more on perspective than breaking news.

Breaking news is great, and there are plenty of sites out there who do it well, but I'd rather be the guy at the back of the class waiting the entire length of the class to unleash a well-crafted retort, insult, or perspective. Think of us in that way, that asshole at the back of the class, but actually funny and clever, and with zero percent interest in homophobic or sexist comments.

Think of us this way... Double Viking: We're Better at Making Fun of the News than Breaking It. 

Image via Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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