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Patty Jenkins Talks Directing Her Dream Project 'Wonder Woman'


Feature directorial debuts don't get much better than Patty Jenkins' 2003 film Monster, which netted Charlize Theron an Oscar and landed atop many critics' best films of the year lists, including Roger Ebert. Sadly, she hasn't directed a film since, though she's certainly been busy directing television. The director is now back behind the camera for next summer's Wonder Woman, and believe it or not, she's been pining to direct a Wonder Woman film since way back in 2003. 

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Jenkins on the set of Wonder Woman, where she revealed her burning passion for the project dates all the way back to last decade. “When I made Monster and they asked me what I wanted to do [next], I immediately said, ‘I want to make Wonder Woman... Everybody knew I wanted to make a superhero movie.” She very nearly came close to doing a Wonder Woman movie in 2005, but set that aside to be a mom saying, "The second I had a child, I knew. When I’m on a movie, I’m unavailable, everyday for a year and a half. You can’t do that with a little baby. Somebody might be able to do it, but not me.”

Jenkins dream to direct a superhero movie almost manifested itself when she signed to direct Thor: The Dark World, though she eventually left the project due to those age old "creative differences," though she has nothing but positive things to say about the experience. “I’m still so grateful to those guys for hiring a woman to direct f—ng Thor. Why would you do that? You don’t have to do that.” 

Similar problems very nearly cropped up on Wonder Woman, however, though she and DC/WB were able to work them out. "There was a period of time when we had two very different visions and I wanted them to find the right director for the job. It turned out we had a shared vision after all.” That shared vision included Jenkins wanting to tell a very straight-forward origin story, mixed with a love story between Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). “I didn’t want to do anything more complicated. From my point of view, this was the movie I was talking to them about for about eight or nine years. I’ve met with 10 different people at Warner Bros and then it all came together in this one moment.”

She closed the interview by saying that she's never been happier professionally than she is right this moment, working on her dream project. "Part of the reason I’m in such a good mood is this is the movie I’ve wanted to make my entire life. I feel so grateful that I get to be able to do this.” 

Wonder Woman is due in theaters on June 2, 2017.

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