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J.J. Abrams Explains Why We'll Never See William Shatner in the New 'Star Trek' Movies


When J.J. Abrams' rebooted Star Trek in 2009, one of the most vocal detractors of the film was legendary wig thief William Shatner, and not because it was a bad movie, but because he wasn't in it. While there was indeed a scene that was going to feature the original Captain Kirk—singing "Happy Birthday" to Spock for some reason—it was cut, likely because it was a fucking terrible idea. 

In a new interview with The Toronto Sun, Abrams finally got around to explaining why we have yet to see the other face of the franchise in the rebooted films, and it makes perfect sense... He's dead (Jim). “Obviously it’s Star Trek, nearly anything is possible," Abrams said. "There’s the fairly simple notion that on the day Kirk was born another timeline began. But in the other timeline, Kirk died onscreen (in Generations). I don’t know how he would come back unless we went into this other reality and we did a timeline and reality jump. In all the years we’ve been working on this, I've yet to hear a pitch that didn’t sound too contorted and contrived for an audience to swallow. And I’ve talked to him (Shatner) about it. If Kirk had lived there’d be an answer. But there’s something about his having died that makes it impossible.”

Sure, we'd all love to see Shatner and his glorious rug back on the big screen, but his insistence on participating in Generations has more or less made that impossible. I imagine Shatner kicking himself while wondering why they couldn't have killed off Walter Koenig instead. Can someone explain to me what he's doing in Generations? I know those rugs aren't gonna pay for themselves, but come on...


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