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Is Jared Leto Bringing His Unique Brand of Bullshit to 'Justice League'?


I've spilled my fair share of digital ink over Jared Leto's look-at-me shenanigans from the set of Suicide Squad, and one month from today, we'll get to find out for sure if it all paid off—spoiler alert, it won't. I'll go so far as to say there's likely no way that his performance will ever live up to the never-ending hype surrounding it. Best case scenario, it'll be Batfleck all over again and he'll be the least offensive thing about a terrible movie. 

It looks as though we won't be rid of him after this one film, however, as the actor was recently spotted at LAX, returning from a trip to London. Now, London is where Justice League is filming, so speculation has run rampant that the actor was in London to shoot a scene for the film. Either that or he was there with his stupid band committing musical hate crimes on the already downtrodden people of England. Could go either way with Leto.

Here's what I'll say. I will happily eat a big bowl of crow if Leto turns out to be the greatest Joker ever put on screen, but that's not going to happen. Different is fine. Different works when it's fully formed and nothing about this Joker seems fully formed. Like everything else about this film, it seems as though they threw everything at the wall in hopes something would stick. That's no way to make a movie.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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