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Amanda Waller Tells Enchantress to "Go Get It, Girl"


The one major character from Suicide Squad who has been noticeably absent from most of the trailers and promotional materials is Cara Delevigne's June Moone, aka Enchantress. We've all heard what she had to endure to land the role, so most of us were hoping that it would all prove worthwhile, and from the looks of this first clip featuring the character, it may indeed have paid off.  

In this brief clip, June transforms into Enchantress via some kind of freaky hand trick, and she is then told by Viola Davis' Amanda Waller to "go get it, girl." I'm not sure how to feel about that line, but the beautiful thing about a great actress like Viola is that they can sell even one of the stupidest lines ever written. What she does next is anyone's guess, but I'm not sure it's going to end well for all the stuffy suits in the room. I guess we'll have to wait until August 5 to find out for sure what she's going to go get exactly. What do you think she's going to get? Vengeance? A skimpier costume? The head of Alfredo Garcia? So many possibilities, so few fucks to give.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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