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Amanda Waller Takes Center Stage in New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer


Despite their insistence on scoring every single one of these god damned trailers to "Bohemian Rhapsody," the latest trailer for Suicide Squad doesn't look terrible. Maybe that's because they focused it on the best actor in the entire film, Viola Davis' Amanda Waller. Nearly every single thing I've seen about this film from minute one has reeked of "trying too hard" syndrome, but this is the first trailer that actually engaged me and made me want to know more about the film. That's a victory in my book. 

Of course, Jared Leto has to insert himself into this trailer, lest we forget he's in the film, and then things go steadily downhill, but showing some of the motivation behind Waller's desire to bring this team together in the first place is a nice salve. While this trailer still suffers from a hardcore case of "too much-ness," it's telling a story at least. All of the other trailers have had problems focusing on anything other than explosions and timing things to music, which I suppose this trailer does as well, but there's something about Viola Davis being front and center that makes the rest of it palatable. 

I'm obviously putting a ton of stock in Davis to save this movie, and it looks like she won't disappoint. Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that she makes her way into other DCEU flicks.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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