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Warner Brothers Releases First Ten Minutes of 'Batman v Superman: Fully Extended Cut'


It's hard to find much fault in the first ten minutes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, apart from the face shot on Martha Wayne, the bats lifting young Bruce out of the Batcave, and a poor attempt to make us feel bad for a guy named Jack we just met thirty seconds ago. Other than that, it's a solid way to establish the world of the film, and Warner Brothers has made the first ten minutes of the Fully Extended Cut available on YouTube!

I put this on thinking I would catch a nice ten minute nap at my desk, but I was surprisingly engaged in it, particularly once the action cuts to Metropolis. While I only noticed a handful of differences between this and the theatrical cut—including an unnecessary reverse shot of Martha Wayne's face with a gun in it—it's indicative of everything I'm hearing about the fully extended cut. Namely that it's mostly an expansion of things we've already seen and not necessarily just a bunch of deleted scenes inserted in. It looks as though Zack Snyder has recrafted the whole film.

While we won't get to review it until the Blu-ray is released on July 19th, you can pick up the Fully Extended Cut on Digital HD right now!

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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